255 Bondi Rd, Bondi, NSW

What is the best approach to getting a tattoo?

We suggest that if possible you drop into our studio to have a look at our extensive range of tattoo imagery, pre-drawn designs and view the portfolios of our artists either in the shop or online. Most of our artists are able to do a variety of styles but they may have a particular style that they like and are fantastic at. If this is a style that you appreciate then this artist is for you. Feel free to ask our staff at the counter or the artist any questions you may have. They will be happy to lead you in the right direction.

Can I bring in my own design?

Yes, we believe tattoos should be as unique and individual as the person wearing it. We may need to rework your personal drawings based on its ability to be translated into a tattoo. We require a deposit and time to prepare or make any changes to designs (see Deposit Policy below).

How do I book an appointment?

Appointments for tattoos require a deposit. We do not take appointments over the phone so if you would like to schedule an appointment with one of our artists, come to the studio and bring a deposit (see Deposit Policy below).

Do you take walk ins?

Yes, we have walk-in spots every Saturday and occasionally on weekdays. Walk-ins are taken on a first come, first served basis and are purely luck of the draw. Some days are busier than others and we cannot guarantee availability.

What is your deposit policy?

A $100 deposit or more (depending on the size of design) is required to secure your tattoo appointment slot or for preparation of custom designs.

Deposits are non-refundable and are taken off the final payment of the tattoo on completion. Deposits are valid for 6 months only and can be transferred to a new appointment (which must occur within the same 6 month validity period) if a minimum of 48 hours notice is given.

Without 48 hours notice the deposit will be forfeited.

Please note:

-Coming in intoxicated/ under the influence of drugs or alcohol or not showing up on time for your appointment will forfeit your deposit.

-We can do changes to custom designs so you are satisfied with your artwork but if you want to change the initial concept, you will need to leave another deposit.

-Custom artwork must be viewed within 45 days of notification that your design has been completed and appointments must be made within 45 days from the day you viewed the design otherwise your deposit will be forfeited and the design becomes ‘flash’ available to other customers.

-The deposit you leave does not entitle you to any rights over the designs the artist prepares for you.

How are tattoos priced?

Our minimum price starts from $150 for smaller tattoos and typically we can give a fixed price before the booking. For medium and large work we will provide you with an approximate quote, before the work starts.

Quotes and prices listed on our shop-wall designs are simply estimations and the price may vary in the end. We do not give quotes over the phone or via email.

Can you fix or cover up a bad tattoo?

Cover ups require a special skill level and our artists are exceptional in this area. A consultation with one of the artists will be required to determine what design is necessary to adequately cover the unwanted tattoo.

Can you cover up scars or stretch marks?

Most stretch marks can be covered with the right design. As for scars, it depends on the severity and age of the scar. Generally a scar should be at least 1 year old before having a tattoo done over it.

How long have your artists been tattooing?

Most of our artists have been tattooing for an average of 10 years. Our artists regularly attend tattoo conventions both nationally and internationally to keep updated on new techniques, supplies, and the latest equipment.

How old do I need to be to get a tattoo?

You need to be 18 years old or over and have a valid photo ID or passport to prove it. We do not tattoo underage people with or without parents’ consent.

How do I prepare myself to be tattooed?

It is important to be healthy, rested, and eat well within 4 hours of getting tattooed. It is also a good idea to have a sugary drink or some lollies handy while getting tattooed to help the body deal with the fluctuating endorphins, which might be naturally released during the tattooing process. Avoid getting sunburnt within 10 days prior to getting tattooed, and don’t come in intoxicated or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Above all, come in relaxed, and ready to embrace the experience.

Does it hurt?

Tattoos can be painful, but not so painful that it will stop people from coming back to get tattooed again and again! Some spots are more sensitive than others and everybody’s pain tolerance is different. Despite the discomfort, don’t let this affect your decision about size and placement. You will have your tattoo for the rest of your life and long after the pain is gone you will be glad that you got exactly what you wanted, where you wanted it.

What if I have skin allergies?

The inks we use are sterile and have been tested and used extensively by renowned artists from all over the world for many years. However if you still have concerns please contact management to find out more. Please inform the artist if you have an allergy to latex so we can provide other alternatives.

Will my tattoo stretch if I gain weight?

Only if your skin stretches excessively, such as when pregnant and your tattoo is in the stomach area. When you lose weight the tattoo will regain its natural shape.

Is it safe to get a tattoo?

Unlike people tattooing from home or from backyard ‘studios’, we are NSW Health Department approved and regularly inspected to comply with Council and State regulations. At Kaleidoscope we meet a rigorous standard of environmental criteria for health, safety and sanitation.

All of our staff are fully trained in cross contamination prevention and keep up to date for changes that occur within the industry.

All needles, inks and sundry items are single use. All the equipment used at Kaleidoscope is ultrasonically cleaned, individually checked and cleaned again before being sterilised in a hospital grade autoclave which is spore tested regularly and serviced by accredited professionals. When getting your body art at Kaleidoscope you can take comfort in knowing that the highest measures are taken to safeguard your health.

What is the aftercare for my tattoo?

The artist or the staff will go through the aftercare procedures or give you a pamphlet that will explain how to look after your new tattoo. Download after care PDF: TATTOO AFTERCARE

Where are you located?

We are located between Bondi Junction and Bondi Beach at 255 Bondi Rd – Bondi.

We relocated in 2008 from our previous location, which was just across the road from our new studio. View map

Parking hints: The closest unlimited, free parking spots are usually available in Boonara Ave, Castlefield St and just up the road from us on Bondi Road (always check the parking signs).

Bus: The 333, 380 and 381 bus stops are close to the studio and buses run every ten minutes to and from the Bondi Junction Interchange during the day and nearly as often to and from city centre.