255 Bondi Rd, Bondi, NSW

Marcella Junqueira

Inspired by her brother, Marcella started drawing as a child. This continued well into high school, where she would spend hours drawing on her skin as well as on her peers. It was from here that she became interested in being able to make her designs permanent on the skin.

With the support of colleagues and family, at eighteen, she started taking a tattoo course. However, she soon abandoned this as she felt that in order to progress further as an artist, she would need more practical experience.

She started to learn on her own and later managed to get an apprenticeship in a professional tattoo studio where her technical and artistic knowledge broadened with the help of the experienced tattoo artists around her. They assisted in guiding her enthusiasm to directly draw from the client’s vision and hence visually translate it through tattooing.

Marcella’s work typically explores themes of femininity and elegance through a variety of styles including, but not limited to, blackwork, floral and surrealism. She specialises in black and grey and stippling techniques, and is also open to working with colour.

Favourite things to do: when she finds free time, she likes to paint canvases, furniture, small objects and murals that are always full of colour and life.


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