255 Bondi Rd, Bondi, NSW


Soiia – Blackwork, Color Accent, Graphic, Illustration

I have been drawing since I was small, inspired by nature, street art, and the underground scene. Before joining art secondary education, I was passionate about painting, photography, and body painting.

My professional artistic career began with studying exterior design, where I developed my artistic skills. During my studies, I tried tattooing and did my first tattoo on myself. After completing my studies, I decided to pursue tattoo artistry as a self-taught artist. I later worked in some of the best studios in Slovakia to learn from the top artists.

In Europe, I traveled among various countries as a guest artist. I moved to Sydney to study and expand my tattoo artistry. My favorite styles are blackwork and graphic portraits with color accents. I am also sought after for my abstract and fluid style done in freehand. I consider myself skilled in creative designs, linework, and freehand work.

Besides tattooing, I am a DJ, participate in graffiti jams, and I am building my own clothing brand.